Mitred Single

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RefSize / Style MaterialCost Per NeckerMin.
MCA037Adult Mitred Single 1/2" Border100% Cotton 9.802
MCC037Child Mitred Single 1/2" Border100% Cotton 7.60  (Zero Rated)2
MCA024Adult Mitred Single 1" Border100% Cotton 9.602
MCC024Child Mitred Single 1" Border100% Cotton 7.40  (Zero Rated)2
Swatch Service
Please use our contact form if you require swatches of the Tartan, Gilwell, Gangshow or designed neckers for colour matching. You can use the reference chart in the help section for the plain colours. You may wish to send us a sample of your necker for matching purposes. This will help us to expedite your enquiry and confirm if we can process your request.
Made to order neckers usually delivered within 28 working days. Please note however, during busy periods, we may not be able to fulfill your order within this period.

If your order is required within 28 days please contact our sales team first, before placing an order, to ensure we can meet your requirements.