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Gilwell - Adult

Gilwell - Adult

Ref: GWA001


Price: 16.10 (19.32 Including VAT at 20%)

Material: Wool | Minimum Order: 2 (Adult Only)

Gilwell Park was donated by Mr deBois Maclaren in 1919, to the Chief Scout of the World, Lord Baden Powell to be used as a camping ground for London Scouts. A permanent Training Camp for leaders became named after Gilwell, and today the word "Gilwell" has come to be used internationally as meaning adult training in Scouting.

Officially, the scarf is dove-grey on the outside and warm red on the inside. These colours are used to signify humility and warmth. The apex of the scarf has a small swatch of Maclaren Tartan, reminding us of the kind gesture made by Mr deBois Maclaren.

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