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Terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all users or viewers accessing this scoutneckers.com web site. Please note accessing or viewing this site constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions please Exit the site.

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This site is owned and maintained by Macnaughton Holdings Limited and its related companies ('Macnaughton'). Registered in Scotland SC101334. The contents of this site are provided for general information about Macnaughton and their products only.

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Legal Disclaimer:

Macnaughton assumes no responsibility of whatsoever nature for, and disclaims all liability (including responsibility for any action or inaction taken) whether direct or indirect in respect of:

(1) accessing, viewing, or using in any way this web site or any information contained herein; and
(2) the content of any sites, directly or indirectly, linking to or linked from any pages on this web site ("the Links").

Please advise us if you consider any of the Links to be inappropriate, illegal or offensive.
No warranties, whether express or implied, are given by Macnaughton

(1) as to the accuracy, content or availability of any information, products or services referred to or contained in this web site; and
(2) that this web site will operate free of error.

Macnaughton do not accept responsibility for any viruses downloaded or resulting damage to hardware or software arising from the use or viewing of this web site.

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In all matters relating to this web site, the applicable law shall be the law of Scotland. All viewers and users of this web site agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

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Intellectual Property. Rights:

Excepting where otherwise expressly stated, the content of all the pages which form this web site are copyright © Macnaughton Holdings Limited 2023. The reproduction of all or part of the content of this web site, in any form, is prohibited subject to the following permissions.

Permission is granted to print or download to a local or network hard disk whole pages or part pages for your personal use only, subject to the inclusion of the copyright notice "© Macnaughton Holdings Limited 2023" in or upon all such prints or downloads. This permission to print/download does not extend to the inclusion of such printed or downloaded material or any part thereof in any other publication or work whether in paper, electronic, or any other form.

The distribution or copying of the content of this web site for any commercial purpose is specifically prohibited other than with the express written consent of Macnaughton. The granting of a licence by Macnaughton for commercial distribution or copying may be on such terms and conditions as Macnaughton see fit, including, without prejudice to the generality, the payment of a licence fee for each page or image.

Any Trade Marks, Service Marks or other intellectual property contained in or relating to this web site are, unless otherwise explicitly stated, the property of Macnaughton Holdings Limited. The use of such Trade Marks, Service Marks or other intellectual property by users or viewers of this web site is strictly prohibited.

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Privacy Statement:

Macnaughton recognises the importance of protecting the privacy of anyone who visits this web site. This Privacy Statement sets out the policy adopted by Macnaughton towards the collection and use of information obtained from those visiting and using this web site. By visiting or using this web site you consent to the collection and use by Macnaughton of information about you in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement.

General Undertaking: Macnaughton will:

(1) respect your privacy and confidentiality;
(2) only record your personal details in the manner and for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement;
(3) keep your personal details secure as far as possible from unauthorised access, use or disclosure; and
(4) not sell, rent, trade or otherwise knowingly share or provide your personal information to any third party except (i) other companies in the Macnaughton group of companies or (ii) insofar as any user or viewer has consented thereto or (iii) insofar as Macnaughton is legally obliged to do so.

Information Collected:

(1) Indirect collection: The Macnaughton web server automatically collects standard information such as a user's IP address, browser type, operating system, access times, etc. Macnaughton uses cookies to customise web page content. Cookies are small electronic files which a web site can transfer to a user's hard drive to identify a user and personalise their use of that web site.
Any information collected indirectly will be used by Macnaughton only: - to monitor the volume, type and pattern of traffic using this web site; to develop the design and layout of the web site to meet legal obligations to Macnaughton is subject; and for other administrative and planning purposes.

(2) Direct collection: Macnaughton collects personal information (eg user's name, email address, postal address, telephone numbers, etc.) which is provided voluntarily by a user or viewer. Macnaughton enters such information in a database.
Any personal information collected directly from users or visitors may be used by Macnaughton to satisfy orders, to monitor the number of visitors to this web site and for generally improving this web site and the services offered by Macnaughton. In addition Macnaughton may occasionally send any user or viewer details of future offers or other information which Macnaughton considers may be of use or interest to you.

This web site contains hypertext links. Macnaughton is not responsible for the privacy policies operated by the owners of those sites and does not accept responsibility for any information obtained by third parties as a result of use by you of such hypertext links.

Privacy Statement Updates:
Macnaughton reserves the right periodically to update or modify this privacy policy. Any changes to this Privacy Statement will be posted on this web site so as users as always aware of the information collected, the reasons for such collection and the purposes, if any, to which Macnaughton may put such information. Macnaughton encourages users who may have specific concerns about the gathering or use of any such information to view this Privacy Statement regularly.

Access to Information:
Macnaughton will provide you with a copy, at a charge of £10.00 sterling of all information Macnaughton maintains about you upon written request to:

Macnaughton Holdings Limited
Tower House
Ruthvenfield Road
Perth PH1 3UN


by email to sales@scoutneckers.com

Any user may require that this information be removed from the Macnaughton database by writing to the above postal addresses or sending an email to sales@scoutneckers.com Macnaughton will correct any inaccuracies in such information as soon as practicable after being notified of them in writing.

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This web site provides opportunities for users or viewers to submit suggestions. When a user or viewer submits any suggestion, the user or viewer thereby assigns all intellectual property and other rights in the suggestion to Macnaughton and waives any moral rights and other rights incapable of assignation. Macnaughton shall be entitled to make free use or disclosure of any such suggestion without further reference to the submitter.

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Additional Comments:

If you have any comments or queries regarding this web site please contact us at sales@scoutneckers.com.

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Returns and Refunds

You may return goods to us in the following circumstances: -

  • You notify us in writing within 7 days of delivery of the goods that you wish to cancel the order and return the goods, except where the items have been personalised, manufactured to your specification, used or tampered with in any way
  • In the event that the Goods have been made to order or individually designed for you, we will only accept the return of goods if they are faulty, damaged or they have not been designed to the specification requested by you.
  • You have advised us in writing within 7 days of delivery of any shortage, damage or defect in the goods. If you fail to contact us within the 7 days then you will have been deemed to accept the goods.
  • You may also return the goods to us, in circumstances not listed above, where you have obtained our prior written consent.

You can contact us regarding the return of the goods by e-mailing sales@scoutneckers.com or through the contact details listed.

Where we consent to the return of goods, the goods will be allocated with a 'Return Number' by us. This 'Return Number' should be put on an accompanying delivery note and clearly marked on the outside of the returned parcel. Goods returning without this marking will not be accepted. Returning goods should either be made available for our collection, although this is at our discretion, or you should return the goods to us at your expense.

We shall use our reasonable endeavours to expedite the returns process as quickly as possible. Should you require information on the progress of the return order you can contact us on finance@scoutneckers.com or at the contact details listed.

If you cancel an order for goods within 7 days of their delivery then you shall be entitled to a full refund. If the cancellation is outwith the 7 day period, it is at our discretion whether or not a refund shall be made.

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Ordering and Delivery

You can order goods from this website by clicking on the shopping cart button and following the instructions. An order can be stored to the your username profile by completing the order form within the shopping cart process. The goods will remain stored on your username profile until purchased or for a maximum of 30 days when they will automatically delete. Saved orders can be amended, deleted or added to at any time during the 30 day period.

If you require an exact colour or design as is set out in the website, then this should be specified in the order form and a swatch of cloth should be requested. It is at our discretion whether or not you will be charged for the swatch, as this is dependant on the number of swatches requested.

If you have received a swatch and wish to order goods from that swatch, you should include the swatch reference number on your order form.

If you wish to wish your goods to contain a design or be of a colour not available on the website, then you should send a swatch to us for matching purposes. We will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that all goods ordered match the swatch requested or submitted by you.

It is your responsibility to check that any order is correct and suitable for your purposes. You are advised to keep a copy of the order form for reference purposes.

You can also place an order by written request to Macnaughton Holdings Limited, Tower House, Ruthvenfield Road, Inveralmond, Perth, PH1 3UN, or by telephone on 01738 604055.

We will notify you by email or letter, depending on how the order has been made, of receipt of your order.

An order becomes live and active on the website when you proceed to the "pay now" section on the shopping cart process and choose the form of payment.

If you wish to amend or cancel an active order which has not yet been delivered this may be done by contacting us on sales@scoutneckers.com or by contacting us on the contact details listed.

Delivery of the Goods will normally be by carrier or postal service, and may require a signature upon delivery. We may also deliver the goods to you by any other method which we deem appropriate. You shall be liable for the cost of delivery which shall be payable in addition to the price of the goods.

We will arrange for the goods to be delivered by the method and to the address which you specify. If an attempted delivery fails (such as the wrong address was specified on the order) then we will notify you and offer to re-deliver the goods, subject to a shipping charge. If you then wish to cancel (please read returns policy) we will refund the full amount minus the shipping charge (charged at cost). Any delivery date quoted is only an estimate. However, we will make reasonable endeavours to advise you of any delays in delivery.

If you are unavailable when we attempt to deliver the goods or you provide incorrect details for delivery, we will endeavour to contact you to advise of the problem. Thereafter we will reattempt delivery. In the event that we are again unsuccessful in delivering the goods, we may cancel your order and retain the goods. If you have already paid for the goods, then we will provide you with a full refund for the goods.

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If the order has been placed on the website then payment must be made by credit card or switch card to complete the process.

If the order has been made by telephone or written request then payment can be made by credit card, switch card or cheque. If paying by cheque, a minimum of five working days must be allowed for clearance.

If you wish to place an order on the website, we wish to inform you that the process is both safe and reliable and your payment details are automatically encrypted when entered on to the system.

If you are a retailer and you have made your order directly with us rather than on the website, payment will be accepted by all of the methods stated above and also by bank draft, bank transfer or on account as agreed by us in advance of the order.

No orders will be processed by us until payment has been authorised, cheque payments have cleared or retailer accounts checked and approved.

The Exchange Rate feature on scoutneckers.com is only there for an estimated cost in your country's currency not the price that may appear on you statemnt. This utility is only a helpful guideline as scoutneckers.com do not offer payment in Multi-currency , only in pounds sterling. Multi-currency may become available in the future. We will keep you posted.

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